The Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministreis

Department of Christian Education

  1. Apostolic College
  2. School of Miracles
  3. School of the Prophets
  4. Apostolic and Prophetic Bible College
  5. Department of Evangelism
  6. Scholarship Fund

Business Development

  1. Network Marketing Networks
  2. Entrepreneurship Schools
  3. Promote Business in the Fellowship

International Ministries

  1. Africa
  2. Caribbean
  3. Canada
  4. Europe
  5. Asia

Media Ministries

  1. Local Television
  2. National Television
  3. Live Streaming

Public Relations and Communications

  1. Trumpet of Justice Newsletter
  2. Fax on Demand Information Services
  3. Website
  4. Mobile App

Justice Form

  1. Local TV Talk Shows
  2. Advocates for Justice

Justice Brigade

Women’s Pastors Council

  1. Special Council for women Pastors

Women’s Department

The Salt and Light Party