The Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministreis

Apostolic Presbytery
CAPM is overseen by an Apostolic Presbytery with substantial input from a team of Regional Apostles, State Apostles (see below). The Presbytery meets 6 times a year to discuss activities within the fellowship and to give apostolic input into the vision and the direction of the Fellowship. The Board of Apostles also develop policies and procedures for the Fellowship. We can find scriptural examples of this in Acts 21:15-26.


Regional Apostles

Regional Apostles are responsible for specific regions of the country. These regions may encompass several different states if need be, and they are responsible for developing a relationship with and between the different churches and ministries in their region. They are also responsible for giving spiritual oversight and accountability to these ministries. They are also responsible for the finances for the regional needs of their areas, and for the national needs of the Fellowship. Regional Apostles are also responsible for church recruitment to increase the Fellowship.


State Apostles
State Apostles are responsible for the states they are over, to make sure they function in the same way as the regional Apostles function, but their jurisdiction is only within their state. They are accountable to their Regional Apostle.


District Overseers
The District Overseers function under the authority of the State Apostles.

The State Apostles will appoint the district overseers as they see fit, and they will also divide their states into districts as they perceive the need to do so.

All regional, state, and district appointments are subject to review of adjustments by the national presbytery.


Apostolic Teams
In the New Testament we see where Paul traveled with an apostolic team. In no case do we see Paul traveling to minister solo. We also see the apostolic team of Judas and Silas in the 16th Chapter of Acts. From time to time the fellowship will send out visiting Apostolic teams to different churches in the fellowship. Their role is to encourage the local churches and bring a sense of unity. If a local church is small in membership, we ask the District Overseer to bring the churches together in that given district to receive the apostolic team together.

It is important to note that each church should do all that it can to support the apostolic team when they come to your church or your city. In Justice Fellowship we act as servant leaders, and not as kings or celebrities.

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. Matthew 20:28 (KJV)

Apostolic teams are not coming to gain financial remumiaration, they have come to minister. However, we suggest that each church or district do the best they can do in regards to hospitality.
Use hospitality one to another without grudging. 1 Peter 4:9 (KJV)
We suggest that a nice offering be given to the team, and the food is provided as well as being housed in a nice hotel. It is not required that you burden yourself with trying to place the team in a five-star hotel. Remember we are servant leaders and not kings. If you can provide at that level, then do so, but if not do all you can, and the Lord will make up the difference, and bless you. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, is the rule.


Itinerant Ministers
We also encourage each member church invite CAPM Itinerant ministers from time to time. This will help us to cross-pollinate each other and share the revelation that God is providing in different parts of this fellowship. Please contact our office for a list of Itinerant Ministers.