The Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministreis

To administrate and shepherd an apostolic family (network) of five fold ministry gifts and lay ministry laborers by unified vision;

To assist and serve the Body of Christ and local church eldership laboring in the harvest with the foundational ministries of the apostle, prophet and the translocal five fold ministry.

What Is the CAPM?

The Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries (CAPM) is a fellowship of 21st century ministers, churches, businesses and ministries drawn together by unified vision common purpose, like faith, unity, and most importantly personal relationship. Through shared interest, vision responsibility, and purpose, we bring ministers and ministries together, without religious-political agendas, for corporate prayer, networking, education, accountability, relationship building, and mutual edification, while at the same time promoting the New Testament right of the local ministry to sovereign, indigenous self government.

CAPM provides ministerial credentials, personal counsel and coaching, pastoral care, and education to those laboring in the harvest in the five fold ministry gifts (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher) as well as Bishops, Elders and Ministers. We promote individual uniqueness, local sovereignty, mutual accountability, and networking while assisting members to discover, develop, deploy, and disperse their unique gifts.

We offer local and translocal ministry that builds up the Body of Christ by exhorting encouraging, and equipping believers for spiritual maturity, biblical responsibility, Christian service, and apostolic outreach. This is done by gathering leaders, laborers, and partners together on an annual basis for the purpose of inspiring them in their Christian walk and service, informing them on the progress of ministry and what’s on the horizon, instructing the in the things of God, and instilling the world vision.

Local ministries are sovereign, indigenous, and self-governing as outlined in local bylaws, constitution, articles of incorporation, and the New Testament. Their work is overseen by their ministry leader, pastor, boards and members.

CAPM acts as an apostolic covering and office of assistance without central governmental control. It is the purpose of this ministry to help establish, build up, and enable local ministries, versus control and govern them. Assets are wholly owned and operated by the local ministry.

CAPM Covenant Ministries
Covenant ministries are those ministries affiliated with The Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries for the purpose of ministry covering, networking, accountability, and fellowship. They are indigenous in nature, operating in accordance with their local bylaws, and under the authority of their Pastor/Director and ministry leaders. Covenant ministries are free to carry out their mission and vision as long as operations and doctrine are based on the Word of God, in agreement with the Fellowship’s Statement of Beliefs. Their operations must be within the realm of local, state, and the federal laws.

In addition to acting as a covering, CAPM operates as an office of assistance; helping to build up and enable ministers and ministries rather than governing and controlling them. Ministries and ministers are not required to hold credentials with the fellowship in order to be considered a covenant ministry. Ministry credentials are available for those who are interested.

Prophetic Word
The Lord says this day. I have called you together for such a time as this for a high purpose and plan. I call you to understand that the day of restoration is real. This is the hour of the full restoration of the office and function of the Apostle. I say think it not strange that I do this at this time.

The Lord says some shall see it and some shall not see it. I have called and purposed it for this time. The Spirit of the Lord says to you fear not the opposition and the battles that are ahead. Did I not say in my book that “two are better than one” and that a three fold cord is not easily broken. I says as you allow me to bring you together and melt you into one. I even the Lord shall be greatly gloried in and through you this day.

My son People hear me this day. This is the time that I spread out as it were a spiritual net of my own design. I will bring you together and network you into a covering over the earth as you will believe it.

My people I say despise not the small beginning. I say this that I do shall grow, I have called this fellowship by the name Justice. I have done it to speak a high word in earth and to bring to pass a different move this day. I have need of you to cry aloud an spare not. I have need to show my mighty signs and wonders this day.

I say the day will come when I will fill this fellowship with those of every race and color. I shall cause it to come to pass by my hand and power. I will bring together those of love and mercy and purity in there beings and they shall know that I am the Lord.

I say get ready to move quickly into the next place of grace.
Saith the Lord your God