The Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministreis

Purpose: To provide recognition and credentials for those have been called by God to the ministry, have prepared themselves for the work, and showed themselves faithful.

Requirements: Credentials are offered in three categories, the requirements vary. The three categories are Certified Lay Ministers, Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister. Each application is received and approved on an individual basis, without regard to race, color, or ethnic origin, solely upon character, calling, salvation experience, and preparation.

Process: The Congress uses the Biblical principle of sponsorship endorsement when awarding credentials much like when Barnabus accompanied Paul before the Elders in Jerusalem lending credibility to his calling, conduct, and character.

New applicants are sponsored by a Minister of an established or CAPM Member, endorsed by the CAPM presbytery, then awarded credentials. Persons interested in credentials and seeking sponsorship should contact our office for an application and related information.

Ordained Ministers pay $200.00 per year for credentials.
Licensed Ministers pay $125.00 per year for credentials
Certified lay ministers pay $75.00 per year